What causes hypertension

First, let’s examine what are causes of High Blood Pressure. For we can remove some of them and improve the situation significantly. In most cases high blood pressure is caused by a combination of factors. But generally these facotrs are:

  • Over weight. This is very well understandable cause. The pressure on your artery walls increase when your body mass grow up. So first thing to prevent hypertension is to reduce excessive weight. Really any healthy weight loss can be a good way to lower blood pressure naturally

  • Life style. There can be some wrong habits and alltogether they can be a cause of hypertension. This include lack of physical activity, tobacco and alcohol intake, frequent stresses. Take attention to all these factors. Of course to change your lifestyle cardinally is not very easy and take some efforts. But isn’t your health the most important thing?
  • Nutrition. A fitting diet is a powerful way to lower blood pressure. Use foods containing necessary vitamins, take a supplements, spices and herbs. In our next posts we will give all necessary recommendations.
  • Risks of hypertension increases with your age. But with healthy life style you can be young during many years.
Really to prevent high blood pressure is much easier than to struggle with it later. So we advice to take recommended steps as soon as possible.