Tea? Coffee?

Do you like a cup of coffee every morning? Oh yes, me too. But is it good for our health? Or, rather how much coffee can we take without any hurt for our health? What about cup of tea?

OK, let’s come into this question.
We know well that coffee contains the caffein. During long time scientists were not sure about the influence caffeine have on blood pressure. But now investigations showed that caffeine increase blood pressure. This happens because of tightening blood vessels. Besides cafeine create an effect of joy but therefore your heart starts to work more intensively.

But how strong is this effect? 500 mg of caffeine increases blood pressure by 4 mmhg. This effect lasts until bedtime. Now, how much of caffeine does one cup of coffee contain? It is about 120 mg. At other side one cup of tea contains about 50 mg.

So what can we do to lower blood pressure naturally? Try to limit coffee use or at least do not take it too much. Black tea is a bit better. But the really healthy for natural lowering blood pressure is hibiscus tea. Scientists say that regular use of hibiscus containing tea help to reduce blood pressure level because of phytochemicals in hibiscus. And hibiscus is thecomponent in many popular herbal teas.

So let’s summarize. To lower blood pressure naturally try to limit yourselves in coffee but on the contrary use hibiscus containing teas regularly.