Tea? Coffee?

Do you like a cup of coffee every morning? Oh yes, me too. But is it good for our health? Or, rather how much coffee can we take without any hurt for our health? What about cup of tea?

OK, let’s come into this question.

What causes hypertension

First, let’s examine what are causes of High Blood Pressure. For we can remove some of them and improve the situation significantly. In most cases high blood pressure is caused by a combination of factors. But generally these facotrs are:

  • Over weight. This is very well understandable cause. The pressure on your artery walls increase when your body mass grow up. So first thing to prevent hypertension is to reduce excessive weight. Really any healthy weight loss can be a good way to lower blood pressure naturally


High blood pressure is a serious problem for many people. Of course there are many ways to lower blood pressure using different medications but often they can have some negative side effects. However there are many simple ways to lower blood pressure naturally which can be used by most of people. If you are ready to correct your life style and to refuse of some bad habits, you can prevent some serious health problems.